Innovation, Quality, Persistence

In order to improve quality, the production department is committed to researching and developing OTR tires of different rubber compounds.

Global Network, Consistent Service

The five continents around the world – Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa, and Oceana, all have TY’s persevering agents and distribution networks that can always provide you with a convenient service.

Honesty, Innovation, Shared Prosperity

TY will continuously research and develop high quality products in hope to become the leading brand in the tire industry, and at the same time, obtain the trust and respect from customers, shareholders, employees, and communities.

TY Cushion Tire

Helping customer save operation cost to maximize operation/production and reduce down time; also secure health and safety on site.


Redefines Solid

TY Cushion Tire redefines solid to maximize customers’ operation output and zero the down time with various rubber compounds that can also provide comfort-driving experience for the operator.

Isn’t it time to
change your tires?

Since 1958, T.Y. CUSHION TIRES has developed and tested a complete line of solid tires just right for your machine and your working environment. Through years of innovation and investment in state of the art technology, we revolutionized many manufacturing processes to create a tire line that will solve all the traditional drawbacks of industrial tires. Try one today and see the difference!

 Added benefits are:
✚ No blowout or punctures.
✚ Extended life 2.5-4 times the life of pneumatic tires.
✚ Reliable,maintenance-free.
✚ Tight adhesion to rim.
✚ Ease of steering.
compound for
different applications

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2015 March

TY continues to supply not only the reach stacker tire but also RTG (18.00-25 D) and empty container handler (14.00-24) tire into Shanghai...

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